Is there a link? Yes, according to PEW research done in October 2019 50% of the significant others are bothered by their partner’s use of the third hand.

To be more precise: about 4 out of 10 of the partnered adults (married, cohabited or in a committed relationship) are “at least sometimes” irritated with their partner because of the time they spend on their mobile phone. And over 50% report that when they are trying to have a conversation with their beloved, the beloved is “often or sometimes” also preoccupied with their phone.

For the interested reader: I plead guilty to both, which my husband is always quick to point out to me. It was surprising to me to read that my husband’s age group of 50plus reports the least (42%) of all age groups that their partner is being distracted by their phone. People between 30 and 49 are most likely to report this, with over 60% saying this is ‘at least sometimes’ the case, compared to 52% of the 18- to 29-year olds in a committed relationship.

No digital snooping allowed … so they say

Pew states that digital snooping in the partner’s phone is commonly frowned upon. 70% of the Americans (both single as in a relationship) say it is ‘rarely or never acceptable’ to browse in your partner’s cell phone without their knowledge. Yet, to put this into context, 34% of partnered adults (42% women versus 25% men) say they have done precisely that.

Does this research apply to you and your relationship?


S Hermann & F Richter via Pixabay

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