A love flame may not sometimes not be everlasting as many of us have found out during our lifespan.

One of the perks (?) of the online world, is that it is relatively easy to check up on someone you dated way back then. A 2019 Pew Research survey among 4,860 American social media users found that over half (53%) of the users had used the platforms for that specific purpose.  Former partners are even more checked out by adults up to 30 years: 70% indicated that they used social media to find out what their old loves were doing.

  • Have you ever used social media to find out what your old flame has been up to and whether he/she is still flaming?

Almost 3 out of 10 users say that they use social media to post or discuss their relationships and dating life. For adults under the age of 30, almost 50% regularly posts about their love life.

  • Do you do this, too?

But not all is peace and harmony in social media land… it can also lead to arguments and irritations as the survey pointed out. When the significant other was active on social media, 23% indicated they had become “jealous or unsure” because of the partner’s comments and interactions on the web. In the age group 18- to 29-year olds, this increased to 34%.

  • Does this apply to you?

These social media platforms are also used to tell the world how much they love and care for their partner. Almost half of the under 30 adults indicated that social media is a “very or somewhat important” tool to convey how much they love their love interest.

  • Does this apply to you?


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