Are you stuck and wondering what your next career move or step should be? Are you all of a sudden doubting everything (yes, that too!) and feel incapable of making proper decisions? Don’t worry, although it is not a nice position to be in, it is part of life. We all sometimes find ourselves at these difficult crossroads, where everything is uncertain. How should you continue when everything is up in the air?

Are you curious about how your interests and career stories influence your career? Would you like get more insight in your througline / the common thread in your life and career? Do you wish to write the next chapter as the author of your life story but have been faced with serious writer’s block? Then Career Story Interview (CSI) might just be what you are looking for.

CSI Coaching consists of two sessions:

In the first session of 2 – 2.5 hours, in order to find your answers to your questions, we are going to investigate as proper CSI detectives who were your role models when you were approximately 6 years old and why these people/fictional characters were so important to you. What did you admire, why were they so important to you? By answering five questions in total you will get more insight in how you’ve ‘constructed’ yourself up to now, your identity, and career from a child onwards, and the important themes in your life. Then I go to work for you: on what you’ve shared with me I compose your life portrait for you, which you can of course amend and alter so it fits you like a glove.

The second as well as last session (1 hour) is spent on how well your initial questions for wanting to do the CSI coaching have been answered and what you would like to do next, to realise your goals and dreams. What do you need to do now in order to make the next (small or big) steps and continue happily on your life journey, going in the direction that you really want to go and with the proper support.

Individual, private CSI coaching, including two sessions of 3.5 hours in total and a written life portrait:

€423,50 including VAT (€350 excluding VAT)

Company CSI Coaching (paid for by employer) including two sessions and a written life portrait: €525 VAT excluded

Special unique CSI option: You can have your own “life portrait” literally made by Cahier Es, a local artist, based on your written life story. This is not only a beautiful gift to yourself but also a handy reminder of who you are and what really matters to you! But of course also to look at and inspire you every day!

You can for instance have a portrait of yourself as your hero or role model or have a personal photo that is representative of who you are transformed into an artwork. Examples of previous work are available to inspire you to create the ultimate gift for yourself, if you’d like.

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Afbeelding van mohamed Hassan via Pixabay 

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